Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did I Really Just Swallow that ?!? (Part 2)

As I scanned ingredients lists on various household items I ran into some chemical compunds that prior to last week would have been mystifying. Below I listed 10 that I saw, the item they were in is listed beside the compound name in italics:

11) Aluminum Hydroxide(Gaviscon antacid)-  Al(OH)3

12) Magnesium Carbonate (Gaviscon antacid)- MgCO3

13) copper Oxide (365 everyday value [Whole Foods Brand] Adult Multivitamin)-

Copper (I) [cuprous] Oxide- Cu2O
Copper (II) [Cupric] Oxide- CuO

14) Chromous [Chromium (II)] Chloride (365 everyday value [Whole Foods Brand] Adult Multivitamin)-  CrCl2

15) Calcium Phosphate (Caltrate Calcium Supplement)- Ca3 (PO4)2

16) Phosphoric Acid (Coca Cola)- H3PO4

17) Magnesium Hydroxide (Freelax)-  Mg (OH)2

18) Sodium Chloride (Benadryl Allergy mediation [or can be found as table salt])- NaCl

19) Magnesium Sulfate (Walgreens Brand Epsom Salt)- MgSO4

20) Hydrogen Peroxide (Leslie’s Pool Supplies Baquacil Pool Shock and Oxidizer)- H2O2

To see the first 10 compounds that my partner and I found, see his blog